Sempai Corey Powell
3rd Dan, Jo Kyo, Goju Ryu Ryusyokai
2nd Dan, Matayoshi Kobudo
Sempai Corey began his karate training in Shepparton at the age of 13, under
Ebanez Sensei. In 1986, when Ebanez Sensei created Goju Ryu Australia
(GRA), Corey began travelling and competing with the country GRA dojos in
the city. At 18 years of age Corey received his black belt and made selection in
the Victorian State Karate Team for kumite (fighting). Corey was selected in the
1992-94 teams, coming 3rd in kumite at the national championships in 93 and
94. Corey also competed in kata and won the Australian Open in 1993. Corey
stopped training in 1994 to complete his studies as an airline pilot, but he
began training again at the Numurkah dojo in 2009. Corey received his Ni (2)
dan in 2010 and in 2011 travelled with a GRA group to Okinawa with Ebanez
Sensei and Doyle Sensei to train under Senaha Sensei at the Ryusyokai
homebu dojo in Tomigusku-city.
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Sensei Michael Doyle
7th Dan, Kyoshi, Goju Ryu Ryusyokai
4th Dan, Matayoshi Kobudo
Michael Sensei established the Numurkah dojo in 1986, where he is the senior
instructor for both karate and kobudo. Michael Sensei holds a Gold Coaching
qualification from the Australian Sports Commission. He has a holistic
approach to his martial arts training as well as the development of martial art
instructors within his dojo.
Michael Sensei arranges study trips to Okinawa (the birthplace of karate)
biannually for our organisation under the direction of Ebanez Sensei, where
practitioners get to submerge themselves into this vast and amazing martial art.
Sempai Scott Butler
5th Dan, Jo Kyo, Goju Ryu Ryusyokai
4th Dan, Matayoshi Kobudo
SempaiScott began his karate training in Warragul in 1985 before moving to
the Goulburn Valley in 1987. He trained in Shepparton until 1992, then
commencing at the Numurkah dojo under Doyle Sensei. Scott has trained in
Okinawa on six separate occasions to refine his skills under the guidance of
Shigotoshi Senaha Sensei and Takehiro Gaja Sensei, helping to bring a
wealth of knowledge to the Numurkah dojo. Following in the footsteps of Doyle
Sensei's teachings (that a true karateka is one 24 hours a day, not two nights
per week), Scott trains every morning with Hojo Undo and Gracie JiuJitsu
(when he is not training at Numurkah Dojo), and most nights at his private
home Dojo.
Sensei Stephen Grandell
6th Dan, Renshi, Goju Ryu Ryusyokai
1st D
an, Matayoshi Kobudo
Commencing karate in 1986, Steve Sensei was the first student to enroll at the
Numurkah dojo and still trains every day. Steve Sensei’s passion is developing
his knowledge of both karate do and budo. He has a thorough understanding
of body mechanics and economical motion helping students to reach their
potential. Although not one to be in the limelight, Sensei Steve is a true
karateka training personally each day and developing his kata, applications
and drills on the machiwara in his pursuit for better martial art principles.